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Our fine violins and violas are intended for professional musicians, advanced students and passionate amateur players.  The tonal and artistic  qualities of these instruments result from the melding of both traditional Italian violin making methods and principles, and modern day research on the acoustics of violins 

Our instruments are finished both as new and as antiqued copies (not replicas) inspired by some well known masterpieces.   These violin “copies” are actually instruments inspired by the classical Italian masterpieces, giving the overall impression of the original.  Although they are not replicas of the original,  every effort is made to have them dimensionally as accurate as possible.  

The finishing on these instruments is done with our own beautiful varnish,  which is made from scratch using Mediterranean raw pine gum resin and the best quality linseed oil .   This varnish is one component of an overall finishing system and application process rooted in the Renaissance traditions and believed to have been employed in Byzantine times.